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Melissa Hemphill

B I R T H F I T   coach
at Beginnings Birth Center

From January 6th to March 18th, Melissa Hemphill will be offering BIRTHFIT fitness classes for FREE! Thank you, United States Air Force, for the opportunity to intern at the birth center and serve the Colorado Springs community in a major way!

Hi there!

I'm a mother, scientist, and life-long learner. I'm here to show up big for my family, the community, and our future generations.

Train intentionally and smartly for one of the biggest athletic events of your life: birth.

Rehabilitate your core, pelvic floor, and rebuild a foundation of functional strength in your new body.

What we eat is only half the story of nutrition; who we are as eaters is the other half that can yield lasting positive results.

Join me at different events in the Colorado Springs community!

The magnitude [of BIRTHFIT] hit me when I was at a seminar in Venice listening in the back of the room to hear Mel Hemphill (mom of 4) not only drop biology knowledge bombs but get completely vulnerable with the audience about the realness of motherhood, miscarriage, and marriage all after working a 40 plus hour work as a Captain in the Air Force.

Lindsey Mathews, BIRTHFIT CEO