The Mermaid

I am a mermaid.

I am a mermaid

sent away

for breathing fire

Mermother says fire is not mermaid-like

Merfather says fire is dangerous

Mergrandmother says fire is unholy

Mergrandfather says fire is okay

but only until you have merchildren

time to put out the fire

fire does not belong here

so be on your way

I am a mermaid

sent away

to live with humans

Half suited

for this thing humans call reality

Humans are unsure about me

but they like my fire

Humans say

they want my fire

they need my fire

My fire is bright

My fire makes them warm

When I give fire

I get acceptance and admiration

and this thing humans call love

I like love

I trade fire for love

for many many years

but one day

giving became taking

I do not like humans

love disappeared

I do not like being a mermaid

I am a mermaid

sent away

from myself

Sent away

to the deep, cold waters

of the inside

where mermaid senses fail

and human senses fail

and the darkness suspends

all faith

Sent away

to look at my scales

to smell salty tears

to hear the deafening nothing

to taste loneliness

to feel

To find

by total surprise

I am a human


A human

raised by humans

believing they are mermaids

passing down their beliefs of Truth

to their beloved merchildren

to heal

the illusion of separation

to love

in the very best way they can

to avoid

the pain of fire

that cannot be separated

from me

or us

I am a human

returning home

for breathing fire


to walk on two feet

stepping clumsily

one step

then another


love cannot be traded

only revealed

as true nature

of us humans

I am a human.

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